The Mythological Origins Of Lamia

In Greek mythology, Lamia was the daughter of Poseidon and Lybie, a deity personification of the country of Libya. Lamia is always depicted as being very beautiful, and so she was according to Greek mythology. Zeus fell in love with Lamia, and carried on an affair with her, until his wife, Hera, found out. When […]

Lamia In Stardust

In the film Stardust, based on the novel by the same title, Lamia is an evil witch trying to capture an anthropomorphic star named Yvaine, so she can cut out her heart, and eat it. That’s the short version; in the novel, Lamia is never named, but instead, she is simply known as one of […]

Lamia According To Keats

Despite Lamia’s existence in Greek mythology, as being full of misery, she is often portrayed as a hideous monstrosity; the name even, Lamia, is a reference to the Greek word for “gullet”. Eating and devouring the flesh of children seems to have been her destiny from the beginning. Keats’ poetic description of Lamia is romanticised […]


In the apocryphal books of the Bible, usually those not thought to be scripture, because the author is anonymous and the material or content therein is under research still or in dispute, there is content that suggests Adam had two wives. When God created Adam from the dust, Adam walked the Earth, in Eden alone. […]

The Misconceptions Of The Deity Lamia

Throughout the Internet, and not to mention, all of history, one finds different sources that have mistakenly recorded monsters, vampires, legends from ages past. There are three different types of information, in my opinion; accurate information, inaccurate information, and speculative information. When writing about mythological and folkloric creatures, it’s great to see a writer speculate, […]

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